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School Age Program


Princeton Bus: We do offer after school pick up for Deerfield elementary school ONLY. Kids will be picked up after school lets out and taken to the center. 

We hold after our after school program both while school is in sessions and while school is closed for holidays. If you wish for your child to attend for a 

Note on Weather: We follow USD 497 closings to decide when we close for inclement weather.


Feeding: Your child will be transitioning from baby foods to solids. Princeton serves a morning and afternoon snack and a lunch meal. There is a weekly menu available. If your child has a food allergy, you will need to provide a substitute for those foods. We have to follow KDHE requirements and the class room teacher can provide the regulations.

Diapering: Each Toddler is on a 2hr diaper check schedule; however, if his/her diaper is wet or soiled before the 2hr check, the diaper will be changed and a new 2hr check time posted.

Toilet Training: Once your child is in the Two’s program, we will start introducing toilet training. However, if your child shows signals before this, the teachers will work with you regarding at home routines and language used. There is a parent questionnaire to be completed so school and home are during the same routines and using the same language with the child.


Sleeping Schedule: Your child will be offered a rest period from 12-2:30 daily.

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