Indoor Tape Game

This is a fun activity for kids who want to run around on a rainy day. I will give you 3 different activities that you can do. A roll of painters tape is so diverse and can be played with many different ways, feel free to come up with your own as you explore this new tool with your child.




Materials Needed:

-Painters Tape, or any tape that won't ruin surfaces

-Wide open area

-Toy cars or any other toys (optional)

1) Create Shapes, Numbers, or Letters with the tape on the floor have your child stand on their favorite one. Say phrases like "find the circle" or "stand on the letter B" and encourage them to stand on the spot that you have called out. When they successfully stand there make sure you give them plenty of praise and high fives, this will give them motivation to continue with the game. If they seem uninterested in this activity it is alright, encourage them as well as you can. If they in the end want nothing to do with it, find out what they are interested in and find a game with that. The younger your child is the less time they will want to spend on a single activity, this does not mean that they do not want to play with you. Find ways to keep variety in it by making animals or faces with the tape as well.

2) Create Lines or a Hop Scotch board on the floor. You can either play a traditional game of Hop Scotch or simply have your child hop from line to line across the floor. For older kids you can add rules to the game like "only jump in between the lines" or "only jump in the squares with even numbers" For younger kids hoping onto the board to collect a toy and hopping back will be enough. This is a game where showing your child how to play is essential. Show them how you hop across the board and praise them when they do the same. There are no stakes to this game so it is alright if they do it incorrectly.

3) Create a race track or streets with the tape, this can be as simple or complex as you like. This is great for older kids who already have a love of cars or a good introduction if your on a budget. The fantastic thing about it being made out of tape is that no 2 tracks are the same and you can create a new one every time. Make sure not to leave your child to play with this on their own, race the cars with them and show them how you like to drive, or show them all the cool stunts that you can do with the cars.

When playing is done, don't forget to get your children interested in cleaning to. pealing tape off of the floor is a great sensory activity and getting all the tape up in one pull can be met with cheers. Once all the tape is in a ball show them how sticky it is. After they are done exploring it encourage them to throw it away and wash their hands.

Have Fun!