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Infant Rooms

Our infant rooms care for babies as little as 2 months old. This room works with them until they are 12 months old or walking!

Toddler Playing Drums

Toddler Rooms

Our Toddler Rooms are built for jump starting a child's development and to start introducing class room activities. This room is for children who are 12 months and walking- 3 years old and potty trained.

Preschool Rooms

Our preschool rooms are focused on learning and encourage a child's mind to grow! We ask that all children who are entering these rooms are potty trained and ready to learn! The age range for this  room is 3 - 4 years old.

Kids in Preschool


Our rooms made for preparing your 4-5 year olds for kindergarten! Here we start Hand Writing without Tears!

Kids in Art Class

School Age 

Our room made for kids that are already in school. This room is only open during the summer.

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