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Feeding: Princeton teachers will ask you at drop off about your infant/baby last feeding time as we accommodate the parents home schedule as closely as possible. If an infant/baby is acting hungry sooner or as if needs more to eat during each bottle feeding, the teacher will communicate in person, via Brightwheel or phone call to discuss possibly feeding changes.

Diapering: Each infant/baby is on a 2hr diaper check schedule; however, if his/her diaper is wet or soiled before the 2hr check, the diaper will be changed and a new 2hr check time posted.

Sleeping Schedule: All infants/babies will follow the KDHE mandated policy and we also follow the AAP guidelines for Safe Sleep Practices as infants are at a higher risk for SIDS. I Sleep Safest A Alone, B on my Back, and C in my Crib.

Activities / Curriculum: Princeton uses the “Active Learning Series for Infants through Preschool”The Infant/ Baby series includes planning for smooth care, activities for listening and talking by talking, using books, pictures and puppets, activities for physical development of the large muscles like legs, arms and back along with small muscles to help babies grasp, hold and pick up things. Creative Activates include art, blocks, dramatic play and music. And activities for learning from the World Around Them by the use of nature, the senses, size, shapes, colors and numbers.


Supply List: NO BLANKETS, Fitted Crip Sheet, Breast Milk or Formula, Baby Food (until your child starts PCC Food), Diapers, Baby Wipes, 3-4 bottles (nipples, rings, lids) and 3-4 changes of clothes (seasonal) Crip sheets will be sent home each Friday for you to launder and return the following week. Bottles will remain at Princeton and cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day. Cloth diapers and soiled clothes will be sent home daily in separate bags to not cross contaminate. Teacher will let you know when your infant/baby becomes low on diapers, wipes and milk/formula.

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